About the Critical Legal Information News Updates

December 4, 2018
Horrified at the critical news update ...

Don’t Panic!

I should perhaps start by saying that this post is not, in itself, a critical legal information news update.  

I am just using it to explain how the critical legal information updates service works.

The old service

I (Tessa Shepperson) have been sending out critical legal update emails for a few years now.  They are (or were) infrequent and were only sent if I felt that there was an important legal development which people needed to know about.

The critical legal updates service was a free service (although they usually had a link to my membership site!).

However, with the launch of this new Landlord Law site, I have decided to do things differently.

The new service

What we are doing now is putting all the critical legal updates on this blog, as a critical legal information post.

So for example, if you visit the blog but are JUST interested in the critical legal information content you can go straight to the red link which will take you to the critical legal information posts home page, where you can read them all.

Updates via the Weekly Bulletin

However, you won’t want to visit every day just on the off chance that there might be a critical legal information post!

If you are signed up to our Weekly Bulletin though – that will let you know if there are any critical information items for you to check out.  And will give a link so you can come here and read the post.

The Weekly Bulletin goes out on Tuesday mornings.  All Landlord Law members are signed up automatically as part of their membership.  Otherwise, you can sign up here (and get a free ebook).

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