Announcing Landlord Law Team Membership for Businesses

May 10, 2019

TeamsMost people join Landlord Law as an individual member.  However, on our old site, we also had several organisations who signed up for a special membership type we called ‘multi-user’ membership.

We always planned to have this on the new Landlord Law site but it has taken a while to set up.  We call it here, ‘Teams’.

How it works

First, you need to take a look at our Teams Information page and decide what Team size will be appropriate for your organisation.

There are currently three:

  • Duo – suitable for, say, a husband and wife team, or a ‘boss’ and his or her assistant, or just two people working together
  • Small Office – for up to five people and
  • Large Office – which is for up to 10 people.

All Team members get Business Level access and their own account.  The Team membership is set up by the Team Leader (who should be someone senior in the organisation).  The Team Leader will then allocate the team ‘seats’ to their staff.

The great advantage of Team membership (apart from the BIG reduction in cost per member) is the fact that if a Team member leaves your organisation – you can allocate their seat to another member of staff.

Whereas for ordinary membership, the Landlord Law membership belongs to the member (regardless of who is paying for it) and they can (so far as we are concerned) take it with them when they go.

Premium Team Membership

We have also carried over the Premium Membership which we offered for the old Landlord Law site, and a premium version is available for all three team types.

The extra benefits of Premium Team membership include:

  • Four one to one advice or training sessions with Tessa Shepperson
  • A private forum area where you can discuss issues and ask questions in confidence
  • One or more (depending on the size of the team) places at the Landlord Law Conference, and
  • An additional 300 points per team member.

Although in view of the amount of ‘one to one’ involved, we are only prepared to take on a limited number of Premium Teams.

Is Team Membership suitable for YOUR organisation?

If you run a lettings agency or advice service you may want to consider team membership.

The Private Rented Sector is getting increasingly complex and you and your staff will find it extremely helpful to have somewhere reliable where you can look things up.

There is also our CPD service where all Team members can earn 1 hours CPD per month.  We are also considering other Team member benefits so watch this space!

To find out more about Team and Premium Team membership click here.

Get Landlord Law membership for all your Team with the teams membership on #landlordlaw

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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