Basic Members now have access to the Landlord Law Checklists

September 14, 2019

ChecklistThe Landlord Law Checklists are an important feature of Landlord Law.  They give step by step guidance on the different stages of a tenancy and link out to our other content.

They are a sort of combination of index and guide.

All Landlord Law members should refer to them during each stage of their tenancy.

Even if you are an experienced landlord they will help you avoid forgetting to do something important by accident.

The checklists allow you to tick each section so you can see at a glance which items you have done and which items remain outstanding.  Then, when you have finished, untick all the items and start again with your next tenancy …

In the beginning

When I fist set up the Checklists, I made them ‘Business Level’ content because they had quite a few of the Business Level videos embedded in them.

However as time went by I became more and more uneasy about this.

The checklists are such a good way to help landlords stay on top of things and be compliant.  They should be central to the site.  Which means they ought to be available to everyone.

Changing the access

I have therefore now gone in and changed the Checklists access.  Now EVERYONE (who is a member) will get access to all the checklists.

The Business Level videos can no longer be viewed in the checklists – instead, there are links out to the Business Level pages where they live.

I did though leave in some videos – those I consider particularly important such as David Smith’s video on rent to rent.  And a few others.

You will also now see quite a few banners  (like the one below) in various parts of the site linking you to the relevant checklists.  Although they all live here.

The current checklists

At present we have

They are all important but perhaps the New Tenancy Checklist is the most critical.  So make sure you use that one at least.

More checklists coming

There are at least two more planned:

  • The Tenancy Management Checklist, and
  • The Tenancy Renewal Checklist

However these two are less critical so I have left them for the moment as I am currently working on my new course.  And I can’t do everything at once!

Hopefully I will be able to get at least one of them up by the end of the year though.

But in the meantime – Basic members, you have access!

The #landlordlaw Checklists tell you what you need to do at different stages of a tenancy. Check them out!

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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