Changes to the Landlord Law green help button

January 27, 2020

Green help buttonSome of you may have noticed a difference about the Landlord Law site – connected to the little help button.

From time to time you may have seen helpful little messages pop up – sometimes with links to help articles and pages.

You may also have found that when you ask a question via the green button you get a response!

This is all due to a new support service I have been trialling which is provided by a company called Intercom.

The new support service

This is a seriously sophisticaed service and will hopefully (once I have fully got my head around it) allow me to provide more online help and support in using Landlord Law.

  • There will be help messages popping at appropriate times
  • There will be considerably more support articles
  • There will be little step by step guides to illustrate specific services, and
  • I and my staff will be able to chat to people via the green button ‘messenger’.

I have already started creating new help articles and tours (some of you may have seen them – so far I have done tours on the bookmarking system and the Conference).

Its also nice to be able to chat to members via the messenger system – although note that questions about your properties should still be asked via the forum.

Note also that we are asking people to let us know, when sending a message, if they are a landlord, letting agent or adviser.  This is to help us when answering your question and also to give is a better idea of the who is using the site.  So please do let us know!

Please note also though that we cannot answer questions 24/7!

However hopefully the new system will allow us to provide and better and more helpful service to members and visitors. 

A new support service at #landlordlaw

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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