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You can contact us as follows:

  • If you are having problems buying a product or service use the form here
  • If you are experiencing problems using Landlord Law use the form here
  • Otherwise either use the form below or
  • Use the contact form via the green help button (these are the most reliable ways to contact us) or
  • Send an email to us at contact @
  • Telephone and leave a message on 01603 763096 (note that you will not be able to access any one-to-one advice – our reception staff are not legally trained, please use our contact form instead)
  • (Members only) via the members’ forum

Whichever method you use, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible, and at the latest within 5 working days (if your message requires an answer).

Note though that we will not reply to requests for advice sent to us by post.  Please use one of the services here.

However, if you have a problem using the Landlord Law website or service, you may first want to take a look at our Help Documents as you may find your question is already answered there.

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How to contact us:

It is normally best to contact us via one of the forms linked from this page, because:

  • Your message cannot go astray – even if it is not received by our email for some reason there will always be a copy kept on the site in the forms database.
  • You will be sent a copy of your entries in the form – so you will have a record
  • If you contact us by phone you will in most cases be asked us to confirm the call via email or this form (particularly if you are ringing about your Landlord Law membership) – so you may as well contact us via the form to start with.

If we have not  replied to your email

It may be because it has been wrongly classed as spam by our system.  Re-submit your question via one of the the contact forms on this page.