Coronavirus and Landlords webinar – what you need to know

March 18, 2020

CoronaVirus WebinarThe coronavirus emergency is overtaking everything.  Things seem to be changing by the hour.

For example since I last looked at my computer I have found a link to the governments press release on their complete ban on evictions and additional protection for landlords.

However evictions and rent are not the only issues.  There are also problems with dealing with repairs at properties, and dealing with letting properties to new tenants.

To help  I am going to be hosting a (free) webinar with John Stewart, the Policy Manager of what used to be the Residential Landlords Association and which is now (more or less) the new big combined National Residential Landlords Association.

John and I will be discussing the situation and giving advice for landlords.

Tuesday 24 March 2020 @ 10.30 am

That is when the webinar is scheduled to take place.  You can sign up here.

We will be discussing things as they stand as at that time.  They may change later but we will do our best to give as good a picture as we can.

Note that we have a registration limit for the webinar of 500.  For most of our webinars that would be quite enough but it is possible that this webinar may be more popular.

However, if you are unable to register – don’t worry.  The webinar will be recorded and we will be putting it online as soon as we can.  Hopefully it will go online within an hour.

The little widget below will have a link to the recording once it is online plus John and I will be publishing it elsewhere on the internet so you should be able to watch it fairly soon.

But you may be fine – so give it a go and click to sign up!  And I will see you there.

A joint #NRLA and #landlordlaw webinar on #landlords and #coronavirus - with Tessa Shepperson and John Stewart of the NRLA

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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