The Landlord Law Telephone Attendance Note

March 14, 2020

Being a landlord now is all about record keeping and having the proper paperwork and forms.

Not only do you need to keep proper records to comply with the law – you also need to keep records to protect your position.

One thing you need to record is reports to you by tenants about the condition of the property.

A not uncommon situation

For example, say you are at Court on a hearing for possession based on your tenants rent arrears.  You have your schedule of arrears showing that the tenant is in arrears of over two months and are hoping to get your possession order on that day.

However suppose (as is not unknown) your tenants turn up at court and make allegations that the property is in poor condition?  Maybe they tell the Judge that their boiler has been out of action for three months and that they have repeatedly asked you to fix the broken handrail on the stairs?

You know that this is untrue.  But what can you do?

Well, if you are able to hand the Judge a series of telephone attendance notes with the tenants over the past three months where you can show that you asked them if their were any issues at the property and they said ‘no’ every time – the Judge is far more likely to believe your side of the story.

Enter the Landlord Law telephone attendance note.

About the attendance note

Like most attendance notes this provides for you to add the date and time of the call, the persons on the call and a record of what was discussed.

Where the Landlord Law form differs though is that it also says “Was tenant asked if there were any repairs needed or other issues?” with boxes for you to click yes, no or N/A (for example if the call is not with a tenant).

The form then has boxes for you to click to say whether there are issues reported, no issues or N/A.

If you use this form to record all  your calls, this will always prompt you to ask the question and record the answer.

To help you and provide for most situations, we have three versions of the form:

The Three Versions

  • A versions for you to print out to have on the desk do make a written paper record
  • A word template you can use to create word telephone attendance documents you can save to your computer (plus a quick guide on how to do this), and
  • A pdf version if you want to complete the attendance note on screen and print it off

I am afraid that these versions are all desk based and cannot easily be used with a mobile phone if you are talking on the move.  I’m sorry about that.

However you may be able to set something up yourself – or if you have a good idea let me know and I will see if we can do something.

But hopefully these documents will be of use to you when you are speaking near your desktop or laptop computer and will help with your record keeping.

Which could make all the difference one day.

Members will find the attendance note page linked from the Documents and Forms page or here.

A new landlords telephone attendance note for members of #landlordlaw

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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