Going live on our domain

November 27, 2018
New Tenant Tips

Today we went live on the www.landlordlaw.co.uk domain.

We have sort of been live before but the domain was that of our hosting company and we could not easily be found.  However we have always intended this site to use the www.landlordlaw.co.uk domain.  Up until today it had a little information site on it – but now it has the new Landlord Law!

But what, you may be saying, is going to happen to www.landlordlaw.co.uk?  Well for the moment it is going to stay where it is. Until we launch this site properly it will still be ‘Landlord Law’.

But in a couple of weeks, we will start the long job of moving members only and from that time all new members will join here.

Why we are not doing a ‘big bang’

We have decided to do it this way as it was so awful last time we had a new site.  This was in 2010 and that time we had a ‘big bang’ approach.

We closed the site for a couple of days, one of the developers moved the membership database over and then the next day the new site was ‘Landlord Law.

It was pandemonium.  Half the members couldn’t log on.  Many of them were still seeing the old site as it took a long time for the domain name to shift.

I had to spend about two weeks manually checking ALL the members records and checking their access. That was a fun job! 

So this time we are going to move people over manually and keep both sites up and running while we do so.  

Hopefully it will be easier all round.  And today we moved a step closer.