The Signature and Execution of Documents

November 28, 2018

We had a great webinar the other day with barrister Robert Brown.

The subject sounds dry and legal – ‘signature and execution of documents’ but renting property is all about documentation and getting it right.

Robert gave a detailed and careful talk, taking us through the background to tenancies and the law that applies to them, and then looking at the different types of documents and the rules that apply to them.

Things we looked at included:

  • Signature by agents
  • Signature on behalf of limited companies, and
  • Signature of court documents
I really would recommend everyone to watch this video – particularly if you are a letting agent or run a company – and even more so if you a letting agent which is a limited company!

As this is a video it is Business Level content – so if you are a Business Level member you will find it here.

And finally – execution does not mean chopping off heads!  It is a legal term for the process of making a document legally enforceable.