Headers, Footers and Variables on the Landlord Law Tenancy Agreements

December 4, 2018
Signing agreement

The Landlord Law tenancy agreement service has long been an important part of Landlord Law and many members join so they can use them.

One feature we have been asked for is for the agreements to number the pages and to provide a place for tenants to initial the pages at the bottom.

This was not possible with the document generator system on the old Landlord Law site.  However I am pleased to announce that it IS possible here!

So now all our tenancy agreements state at the top of every page (apart from the frontsheet) “Page # of #” and at the bottom spaces for both landlord and tenant initials.

Updating the template and variables

We have also done a certain amount of updating to the tenancy agreements plus there is a lot more scope to introduce variants (again something which was not really possible on the old site).

So for example on the standard ASTs (joint and several or for a room in a shared house) you can select

  • whether the property is in Wales or England 
  • whether or not you want the guarantee clauses included
  • whether you will be using a letting agent
  • whether the rent is to be paid weekly or monthly (we recommend monthly)
  • whether any bills are included in the rent
  • whether or not you are taking a deposit
  • whether or not you want to include a ground 1 notice, and
  • whether you will permit smoking

and the tenancy agreement content will change to reflect your choices.

We may be adding further variables later but that is enough to be getting on with!

Members can let us know what they think and give suggestions in the members’ forum.

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