Implementation of Welsh Reforms put back to 1 December 2022

May 31, 2022

WalesTo the enormous relief of practically all Welsh landlords and their advisers, the Welsh Government have decided to put back the implementation of the 2016 Renting Homes (Wales) Act.

You can read their announcement here.

The reasons they give are that they have been contacted by many landlords, in particular social landlords, saying that they are struggling.  In particular due to

  • The Covid recovery, and
  • Supporting those fleeing from Ukraine

So the new legislation will now come into force on 1 December 2022.

Worryingly, the announcement also refers to a ‘final tranche’ of subordinate legislation to be published some time in July – which would have been very challenging indeed for most people if the full implementation had stayed at 15 July.

The final regulations are expected to include transition arrangements for eviction claims.

Landlord Law Welsh content

As most of our Welsh members will be aware, I have been developing a new set of content that members will be able to find here.

I will be continuing with this, albeit now at a slightly slower pace!

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