New Information in our Local Authority Directory

April 19, 2021

The more perspicacious among you may have noticed that we have some new content on our Local Authority Directory pages.  

In addition to the information about HMO licensing we also now have

  • Links to homelessness prevention services, and
  • The Local Authority Discretionary Housing Payment Policy.

We decided to add this information to assist people who have bought our new ‘Helping Tenants in Arrears Kit’ which was launched briefly as a ‘beta’ product in April and which after 19 April will be offline while we review feedback and update it to the final version.

However, you don’t need the kit to use the new information – provided you are a Landlord Law member.

The Directory is now up to date!

I am also pleased to announce that the other entries have now been brought up to date, thanks to the hard work put in by my assistant Mark.

How long they will remain so is a moot point as no doubt changes will be made by Local Authorities from time to time.  However, we have a regular updating process now which will check all entries regularly.  

If you spot anything which needs updating please let us know via the feedback form – you will find a link to it on all the directory pages.

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