Dealing with Problem Letting Agents – A Guide for Landlords

Letting agents can be a boon to landlords and a good agent can definitely be worth the money.

However, it has to be said that not all agents are satisfactory, and many landlords come to Landlord Law because they are unhappy with their agent’s service and want to manage their properties themselves.

The problem then is – how can they do this in a legal manner?  And what options are available to you if you want to complain about your agent or get rid of them?

Frequently letting agents do not want to be ‘got rid of’.  Often their agency terms and conditions will include clauses providing for payment of their commission – even if they are no longer managing the property.

How can a landlord deal with this?

This section is a step by step guide to help you to deal with problems and terminate your agency agreement legally, in a manner least likely to cause you to suffer losses.

We also consider whether you may be entitled to bring a claim against your agents for compensation and give some preliminary advice.

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