‘Product tour’ Guides on Using Landlord Law

January 15, 2021

Quick Guide imageOne of the services we use with Landlord Law is called ‘Intercom’.  This runs the green button messenger service and the help articles, but it also allows us to create ‘product tours’.

These are little step by step guides to using Landlord Law which actually take you by the hand and show you what to do.

I have been making more of these recently and have now created a home for them here.

Some of the guides include:

  • Using the messenger service
  • Using the bookmarked service
  • Finding content
  • Using the telephone advice service, and
  • Using the members forum

If you have any suggestions for new guides please let me know.  The more the merrier.  The more content we can have to help people the better.

Note that this page is a members-only page, but some of the guides are also suitable for non members and I can direct people to them when answering queries in the messenger.

New! Step by step guides on how to use the Landlord Law site #landlordlaw

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