The Five Landlord Law Checklists

February 22, 2020

Completing a checklisrtIn March 2019 I announced the launch of our first Landlord Law checklists and now nearly a year later they are all done.

The checklists are a core feature on Landlord Law. They should be your first port of call when looking up how to deal with your tenancies.

This is how they work:

Each of the five checklists cover an important stage in managing a rented property.

They are essentially a list of topics relevant to the checklist subject matter, which are more or less in the order you need to deal with them.

You open each topic by clicking on the blue bar (the illustration below is the first part of the New Tenancy checklist).


The topic area will contain a summary of relevant information with links out to further information on the site, and sometimes to further information on the internet.  For example government guidance documents or posts on the Landlord Law Blog.

Sometimes they will also contain a short explanatory video.

To use the checklist properly you should refer to it at every stage of your tenancy, and mark the various sections as complete by clicking in the white circle on the left.

Then once you have finished you can clear the ticks and start again.

These are the five checklists:

  • The Property Checklist looks at the things you need to do to prepare your property for renting
  • The New Tenant Checklist guides you through the critically important stage of finding new tenants
  • The New Tenancy Checklist takes you through all the things you need to do when setting up a new tenancy, so nothing is forgotten
  • The Tenancy Management Checklist looks at what you need to do during the tenancy, and
  • The End of Tenancy Checklist deals with renewals and what you need to do when bringing a tenancy to an end

A work in progress

I said at the start of this post that the checklists are done, but actually that is not true.  They will never be done.

They are constantly being updated as the law changes and evolving and as I add new content to the site.

Already the first checklists have had many amendments and updates since they were first published.

So even though you may have used a checklist already, it is worth using it again – as otherwise you may miss something that has changed.

Another way to search

The checklists are also a great way to find information on the site relevant to the stage you are at.

They are better than a search engine as you may find other information which you would have missed had you just searched on a word.

YOUR input

As the checklists are a practical guide, I would welcome your suggestions – particularly if you think I have left something out.

Just send me a message via the on site messenger service.

And finally

The checklists are available to all members.  They should be central to how you use and navigate the site.

You can find them at any time via the ‘Content Types’ drop down menu on the site header and via the various links and banners around the Landlord Law site.

The Landlord Law checklists are there to guide you through the process of being a landlord - and are a core feature of #landlordlaw

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