The Landlord Law CPD Service – April 2021

April 5, 2021

Here are the questions and answers:

  • 1 How long is the current notice period required for section 21 notices? (April 2021)
    • Two months
    • Three months
    • Six months
  • 2 What is the ‘validity period’ for section 21 notices?
    • Four months
    • Six months
    • Ten months
  • 3 What scheme has the government launched?
    • Housing Possession Mediation Scheme
    • Fast Track court possession Scheme
    • Help for tenants with possession hearings
    • Legal aid for tenants being evicted
  • 4 Can a court decide if a case should be referred to mediation?
    • Yes
    • No
  • 5 What is the purpose of mediation?
    • It is about reaching a solution that works for both parties
    • For landlords to prove prior to going to court that no agreement could be made
    • To force the tenant into agreeing to pay rent arrears
    • To allow a notice to be served
  • 6 What is the purpose of an ‘attempts to mediate report’?
    • To use in court to show that you have tried to mediate and it has failed
    • For the tenant to use to obtain benefits
    • A report that details how both parties have agreed to mediation
  • 7 Is mediation mandatory?
    • Yes
    • No
  • 8 When is it best to start Mediation?
    • As soon as rent arrears start
    • Once arrears are of a considerable sum
    • Just before going to court
  • 9 Does mediation only apply to rent arrears?
    • No
    • Yes
  • 10 Does the Housing Possession Mediation Scheme cover all county courts?
    • No
    • Yes

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