The Landlord Law CPD Service

January 30, 2019

Announcing the newest service shortly to launch on Landlord Law – monthly CPD!

This is how it works

Every month we have a training webinar, which is recorded and then put online for Business Level members.  

After the webinar is over, the speaker and myself will develop 10 multiple choice questions based on the webinar content.  

These will be used to create a special blog post, containing the questionnaire and the recording of the webinar and links to the speaker’s documentation (sometimes this will be just the powerpoint, sometimes there will also be notes).

You take the CPD test by answering the questions and clicking the submit button.  If you get 6 or more answers correct – you will have passed and will be able to download your CPD certificate.

If you get 5 or less, then you will not have passed (sorry).  You will, however, be able to take the test a total of three times – so if you do not pass the first time you get two more tries.  If you fail those though you won’t get your CPD.  (Although there is always next month!)

The form will de-activate at the end of the month.  We will then publish the answers and the next months CPD. 

Who can take the CPD test?

The monthly CPD is free of charge to Business Level members who will be able to access the special blog posts as part of their membership.

We are planning on making the CPD available for Basic members and non-members to purchase but this has not yet been set up.  So for this month (February 2019), the CDP is only available to Business Level Members.

Is your CPD accredited?

Landlord Law is not formally accredited by any organisation.  Most relevant organisations – such as ARLA, the NLA, the LLAS and indeed the Solicitors Regulation Authority – have normally accepted our training towards their CPD requirements.  

However, if you are not sure we suggest you have a word with your accreditation organisation.  In most cases, though you should find that, although (of course) they would prefer you to use their paid services, they will accept our CPD.  

When will it start?

The first CDP will go live very shortly in early February.

Watch this space

Those of you in need of more CPD will also in due course be able to buy our online training courses – but these are not available yet, so watch this space.

Check out the new Landlord Law monthly CPD service coming soon - free to 'business level members' #landlordlaw

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