The Landlord Law Shop is now live!

May 15, 2019

Landlord Law ShopUp until now, the only thing you have been able to buy on the Landlord Law site is Landlord Law membership.

It has though, all along, been our intention to sell other things.  However, we needed to set up a place for non-members to go to ‘get’ their products!

Member and Non-member purchases

So when buying anything – if you are a Landlord Law member you should make sure that you are logged in.  For some things, you may get an automatic discount – and you will want to use your points.

If you are not a member then you will need to set up an account when you make a purchase.  Then when you want to view (say) the course you have purchased, you will need to log in to use it.

  • Non-members will be taken to their ‘My Purchases’ page on login and can access all their purchases there.
  • Members will find a link to their My Purchases page on the Members Dashboard (its the blue square with the trolley icon)

Landlord Law Points

Finally – members can use their points!  Sorry, its taken a while.

If the item you are buying permits points (for example you can’t use them for workshops) you will be given the option to allocate your points balance towards your purchase on the checkout page.

Just follow the on-screen instructions.  Note that if you want to buy more than one product with points, you will have to process them separately.

What is in the shop today?

At the moment we have the following:

  • The eBook Landlord Law Essentials (£15 or 150 points)
  • The eBook Foundations of Landlord & Tenant Law (£15 or 150 points), and
  • The Property Inspection Kit – but remember Business Level members get access to this as part of their membership – (from £40 or 400 points)

Other items will be added later.  You can always find the shop linked from the ‘Services’ drop down menu on the site header.

Check out the Landlord Law Shop at #landlordlaw

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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