The Topics and Special Information Pages

December 13, 2018
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There is so much content on Landlord Law that organisation is quite important.  But what is the best way to do this?

What we have done is to divide the content into ten ‘topics’.


These are:

  • Occupation types – where we look at all the different tenancy types that exist, and also consider residential licenses
  • About Letting agents – which is more information for landlords using agents, although letting agents will no doubt find this section interesting
  • Consumer law – something which many landlords don’t think applies to them, but which could cost them dear
  • Shared properties and HMOs – about the different ways you can share property and the HMO rules
  • Checks and payments – all things to do with checking tenants (including right to rent checks) and rent
  • Tenancy deposits – what the rules are and how the work
  • Tenancy agreements – including clauses, unfair terms rules and of course the Landlord Law tenancy agreements and associated forms
  • The Property Condition – including guidance on repair obligations and health and safety
  • Ending tenancies – including all the notices and issues when tenancies are ended other than by court proceedings
  • Court proceedings – including tribunal cases as well as our Eviction Guide and general court procedure

Most things fit in these ten topics somewhere (some in more than one topic).

However, some big items, such as eviction, straddle several topics uneasily.  Plus we also thought that some issues really ought to have their own page.  So these are on ‘special information pages‘.

Special Information Pages

At the moment these are:

  • General legal – background information about the law
  • Documents and forms – links to all the documents we have on the site
  • Law in Wales – links to all content which is specifically Wales related
  • Eviction – all the eviction related content
  • Section 21 – this is all in the ending tenancies topic but it is helpful to have it also on its own page
  • Common law tenancies, and
  • Right to rent content.

But we may introduce others later.

You will be able to reach all the topics and the Special Information home page via the topics item on the main header index.