Taking full advantage of your telephone advice call

December 14, 2018
Telephone call

There are times when reading stuff online is not enough.  You need to talk to someone.

Here at Landlord Law, we can help – we have a telephone advice service where you can speak to a specialist housing solicitor for half an hour.

However half an hour is not that long – and the cost of the call is not cheap – because the solicitors are specialist landlord and tenants lawyers and you have to pay for that.

So you need to make sure that every second counts.

The trouble is it is easy to waste that time:

  • If your instructions do not give the solicitor all the information they need they may have to ask you questions
  • You may not have given them the correct paperwork, or
  • Sometimes people waste a lot of time telling the solicitor things they know already

These things can all get in the way of what the call should really be about – the solicitor explaining the law to you and telling you what you need to do now.

So to help, we have written a detailed article giving tips on what you need to do to get the most from your advice call.  It gives help on:

  • Working out what you want the solicitor to advise on
  • Filling in that all-important instruction form (so the solicitor really understands what your problem is)
  • The documents you need to send (remember you are limited to just three documents so make sure they are the right documents), and
  • What to do during the call itself – principally MAKE NOTES so you don’t forget anything!

You will find a link to the article from all the telephone advice pages and forms, so read it first.  You will also find it here.

It will also be useful if you are visiting a solicitor for advice – the same principles will apply.

To make sure that you take full advantage of the advice and get your money’s worth!