A change to our Telephone Advice Service

May 21, 2020

Telephone adviceSome of you may have noticed a change to our Telephone Advice Service.  We have more solicitors!

For nearly seven years our telephone advice service has been provided solely by the solicitors at Anthony Gold.  However, changes at Anthony Gold and David Smith moving to JMW solicitors spurred me on to bring about a fairly radical change.  

Which is that you now have a choice of solicitors with whom to book your telephone advice.

The Solicitors firms (in alphabetical order):

Anthony Gold

They are still providing advice but now only for the HMO Hotline advice.  

We are hoping, however, to introduce a new advice service with them on Rent Repayment Orders shortly.  So watch this space.

Cozens-Hardy LLP

Cozens-Hardy are based in Norwich and are actually the firm where I did my training (we called it ‘articles’ in those days) and where I worked as an assistant solicitor before I set up on my own.

They are a lovely firm.  The advice will mostly be provided by Gary Leverett who I know from years back.  Gary was not at Cozens at the same time as me, but we used to meet at court from time to time.  Many are the chats we had while waiting for our cases to come on.

Cozens-Hardy will be providing general advice.

JMW Solicitors

This is David Smith’s new firm.  They are a pretty large firm and have offices in London, Manchester and Liverpool.  

Landlord Law members will know David, who has spoken at all our Conferences and has frequently delivered our monthly webinar training.

JMW will provide general advice and also HMO Hotline advice.

Woodstock Property Law

This is a specialist property firm based in Poole in Dorset with extensive property related services and also training (they may be helping us with our members’ training in due course).

I learned about Woodstock Property Law from one of their partners, Paula Hebbard, who attended several of our Conferences.  Their firm seemed an ideal fit for our advice service.


Moving forward I am hoping to add other solicitors to the service in due course, in other parts of the country, so you can find a solicitor based closer to you.

Although this is not always necessary (advice can be given by. Zoom or telephone) clients often prefer a local firm.

So watch this space!


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