A new Landlord Law membership fee during the lockdown and a new Switching service

April 23, 2020

These are difficult times.

Many landlords are faced with tenants who are unable to pay their rent due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown and so are having to reduce the rent that they charge.

Or maybe not charge any rent at all for a while.

This makes paying YOUR expenses difficult.  Landlord Law membership should (of course!) be something you only give up as a last resort – as it helps you stay within the law and save money. 

However for some this may be a struggle – particularly with the Business Level membership which is £40 pcm.

To help, and also to thank people who have stayed with me during this period, I have decided to reduce the Business Level membership – for the duration of the lockdown – to the Basic Level membership price.  So this will be £250 pa or £25 pcm instead of £350 and £40.

Switching your membership

So if you are an existing member – how to you take advantage of this?  The answer is to use our new ‘membership switching’ feature to change  your membership type.

This was actually something we were working on before this whole coronavirus thing started – as is usual with development work it has taken longer than expected!

Its quite easy to switch – I have done a detailed guidance page (with pictures) here for you.

  • If you are a Basic Level member it will be easy – just switch to Business Level.
  • If you are a Business Level member its a bit more complex.  You will need to switch down to Basic and then up again to Business.

Note that if you are a Business Level member and don’t switch – you won’t get the cheaper price!

I am particularly keen for Basic Level members to upgrade as then you will be able to use our Business Level features such as the training and CPD.

Legacy Members

Note by the way that if you are a legacy member, the price reduction does not apply to you as you are already on a cheaper tariff.

You will also be paying by direct debit and the switching only works if you pay by credit card.

And finally

I hope the new price makes things a little bit better for you in these difficult times.

Find out about our new cheaper prices at #landlordlaw

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.