Landlord Law Legal Cases – Justin Bates and the Right to Rent Appeal

April 30, 2020

Right to Rent AppealWhen I arranged the first Landlord Law Legal Cases webinar with Alice Richardson I had no idea that the second webinar would be so soon.

But then the Court of Appeal announced their decision in the Right to Rent Judicial Review case.  I had already discussed with Justin ( Justin Bates, one of the barristers in the case) the possibility of doing a webinar with him and he was very happy to oblige.

I wanted to get the webinar out quickly as I was sure there would be a lot of interest but due to prior commitments Justin was not available during the day.

We therefore decided to pre-record the talk one evening.  Which worked well save that Virgin Media decided to have an ‘outage’ which cut us off about 15 minutes into the talk!

We had to re-convene and when you listen to the talk you will hear us being cut off and then re-starting.

About the talk

You can usually tell when someone is Very Clever as they often have this amazing ability to make something complex seem very simple.

You need have no legal background whatsoever to understand and enjoy this webinar.  Justin explains the background to the case and the arguments made so clearly.

He also makes very clear the important issues in this case – which worry him and, when you have heard them, will no doubt worry you too.

Spoiler alert!  Justin holds strong views on the right to rent scheme!

The Replay is Available

Although the ‘live webinar’ is over the recording remains and you can watch it at any time.  There is a modest charge of £12 for charity – with proceeds to Crisis UK.

Although if you are a Landlord Law member it will in due course be added to the case law page where you can watch it without charge (assuming you are a member).

All of our cases webinars can now be accessed via our Landlord Law Legal Cases page where you will also find links to the case report and the presentation.

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