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March 28, 2019
Forum Help

The member’s forum (which is ONLY available to Landlord Law members) went live in February and we have had some great posts from members.  It is coming along very nicely.

However, there are some persistent problems:

Members posting in the wrong part of the forum

For example, posting a question about a legal issue in the introductions forum.

We want to keep some sort of order in the forum so people looking for posts on specific subjects are able to find them relatively easily.

A lot of members do use the forum for research and find older posts very helpful.  So it is important that they are able to find them!

Members not using the questions area correctly

The section for members questions, where they ask for help on running their properties, is a bit different.  It is in a Q&A format.  Which is really nice as after a question has been asked you can either comment or provide an answer.

So if someone does an answer and you want to discuss it – you need to use the ‘comment’ button not the ‘answer’ button.

Other issues

Those are the main problems.  However, it would be nice if members started to use the ‘like’ links in normal posts and the voting up and down buttons in the questions section.

Help is at hand

Our forum uses some fairly new forum software so it is not surprising that members are unfamiliar with some of its features.

However, I have now done a help video which hopefully will be useful.  I have put it on the forum help document  here.

Although you can also watch it below:

Wistia video thumbnail

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