Four new Legal Basic’s courses – Tort, Trust & Equity, Land Law and Agency Law.

March 21, 2019

I wrote last week about the Legal Basics courses being transferred over from our Moodle training site.

Having started moving them over I have been on a bit of a roll and there are now four more making seven in total.  Unlike the video courses, these are available to all members.

The new courses are as follows

  • Tort – an unfamiliar term meaning ‘civil wrong’.  Probably the best known is the tort of negligence.
  • Trust & Equity – this course introduces concepts which under pin other areas of law such as land law and agency law.
  • Land law – this looks briefly at ‘interests’ in land, land registration, and owning land with other people
  • Agency law – very important for letting agents!

About the agency law course

This is the longest Legal Basics course and goes into quite a lot of detail about agency law and how it works.

I have included it though as a ‘legal basics’ course as it is such an important topic and appears to be poorly understood by all other than a few lawyers.

If you are a letting agent then I would urge you in particular to at least skim read it as the rules there underpin your very business.  They apply to you whether you know about them or not.

The new rules coming in with the Tenant Fees Act do not change the agency law fundamentals by the way.  They just restrict the costs that agents can charge to third parties (tenants).

Future Legal Basics courses?

I don’t propose to add any more Legal Basics courses for the time being. 

However, if there are any topics that you would like added, please can you post your suggestion (if you are a member) on the members’ forum area.

The new Agency Law course is the longest Legal Basics course on Landlord Law and goes into quite a lot of detail about agency law and how it works. #landlordlaw

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