JMW Solicitors

JMW SolicitorsJMW Solicitors (who have offices in London, Manchester and Liverpool) can offer skilled and experienced services across every aspect of property letting and management.

We are experts in all matters involving the Housing Act 2004 and can provide advice and
assistance in respect of:

  • HMO and selective licensing
  • Tenancy deposits
  • Local authority notices

We are also experts in all aspects of residential landlord and tenant law and can help with:

  • Complex possession problems
  • Landlord regulation
  • Agency relationships

JMW can provide advice in respect of any type of landlord-tenant dispute and can assist you in preparing robust tenancy agreements for any type of letting and subletting.

JMW is a fully integrated law firm where experts on a wide range of property issues can provide you with comprehensive one-stop support and advice at all stages.

Feedback from advice clients:

“Our 30 minute phone conversation with one of the country’s top experts reduced our stress. He confirmed that our intended way forward with a problem tenant was broadly correct but added some points we hadn’t thought of and warned us of some things to avoid.” Steve Hards

“I received helpful advice from an experienced professional, which could potentially allow me to secure significant savings for my company. Definitely worth what I’ve paid to receive the advice.” (Name and details provided).

“Very useful. It is generally quite difficult to find somebody who can discuss HMO related topics in detail (based on fact rather than opinion).” (Name and details provided)

“I was very pleased when I purchased the telephone advice service and received correspondence from the solicitor the very next day.” Laura (full name and details provided).

The Landlord Law Telephone Advice Service Solicitors:

Get specialist help on HMO Issues

The HMO Legal Teams at our associated solicitors can:

  • Give advice via our HMO Hotline
  • Represent you at Court

Apply for the Hotline Advice first and they will then give you a quotation for further work.