New Tenancy Receipt form updated to the include EICR Certificate

February 5, 2021

Electric toolsI have had a lot of requests from members to update our New Tenancy Receipt form to include EICR certificates and I apologise for the delay in dealing with this.

My excuse is that amending the forms is a bit tricky and I had to amend not only the form but also the template with its conditional PHP code.

However, it is finally done.  

For those who don’t know – the New Tenancy Receipt form is designed to allow you to prove compliance with the myriad regulations which require you to serve documents on tenants at the start of the tenancy.

The form gives a list of all the documents served (including now the EICR form – although there is space to add items not specifically listed) and a space for tenants to sign and date to confirm receipt.

So if you later need to prove service of these items – you will have a signed document from the tenant to confirm it!

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