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February 12, 2021

Quick GuideWhen my new trainee assistant Mark started looking at the Landlord Law site last year, starting with the Occupation Types Topic page, the first thing he said was ‘there needs to be a quick list of all the occupation types’.

Thus was born the Quick Guides.

Because he was right – there is (or rather, was) no easy-to-understand list of the different occupation types.  So, we put one together last year (with links) – after which the project foundered for a while.

However, I really like the idea of quick guides so I decided to try to put together a quick guide for each of the Topics pages (they are listed in the Landlord Law site header Topics menu)  and all the Special Information pages.

The Quick Guides so far:

So far, we have done three:

The Letting Agents one has a few tips about using agents and then items for the main areas of information which we cover on the site (with links to the content).

The Consumer Law guide gives a very quick overview of what consumer law is, and then looks at some of the specific topics we cover on Landlord Law (again, with links to the content).

All of the Quick Guides pages are linked to one another via the menu which you will find on the right when viewing on desktop and as a dropdown menu below the text for all devices including mobile.

I have done a special icon to link to the pages which you will find on the relevant topic pages.

Coming up

We hope to be adding the new quick guides over time, so watch out for them.  We will put them on the New Content page when they go live.

I hope you find them useful!

New Quick Guides to content and Topics on #landlordlaw

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