Landlord Law Members Transfer FAQ

The Landlord Law service has, with effect from December 2018, been upgraded and is now on a completely new website. This website!

If you were a member of our old service (and have not already transferred) you need to do this by re-joining here.  You should have already received notification from us about this with details of your preferential legacy membership entitlement (let us know if you have not got it and we will re-send.)

Below are some answers to your questions.

If you have any other questions which are not answered here, please ask them via the green help button service you will find below on the right (click the button to open it and then ask your question).

If you are unable to open up the sections below click here

The software that ran our old site was outdated no longer functioning properly.  The best and most cost effective way for us to deal with this was to set up a new website.

The old site has now closed.

It won’t. This Landlord Law site is a completely new build and works in a different way.  You need to sign up again and set a new login.

If you were a member on the old site you will, for a limited period of time, be eligible for one of our ‘Legacy Memberships’ – you should already have heard from us about this but contact us if you can’t find the email and we will re-send it.

The login you used for the old Landlord Law site will not work here.

No.  The old site is now closed and can no longer be accessed.

No.  As a former member of the old Landlord Law service, you will be entitled to a preferential rate with one of our ‘Legacy memberships’. 

We have now notified all members of the old service so if you cannot  find your email please notify us.  We will  be happy to re-send it to you.

Note though that the legacy memberships will not be available after the end of June 2020.

You should have heard from us several months ago.

If you cannot trace having received your ‘Transfer Email’ please contact us using the green help button service below.

Yes.  All monthly payment arrangements for the old site have been cancelled so your old membership will now have lapsed.

Check your transfer email for details or contact us and ask us to re-send it to you.

All monthly members of the old site will be given the option to either

  • Transfer over as a monthly Business level member at the same rate you are paying now, or
  • Upgrade to an annual Business Level member at the same rate applicable at the time you joined (which will be a saving for you)

This is a one time offer though.  If you elect to transfer as a monthly member you will not be able to take advantage of the lower annual rate later.

If you had +plus membership on the old Landlord Law site, you will transfer over as a Business Level member.

If you are one of our longstanding ‘original’ members who have an annual ‘standard’ membership on the old site, you can either continue at that rate and get a ‘Basic Level’ membership, or you can upgrade to Business Level membership at a preferential rate.  

You will be given more information in your ‘transfer email’ and provided with links to join as a ‘legacy member’.  

Yes.  Please refer to your transfer email or if you can’t find it, let us know via the green button help service and we will re-send it.

Once you have transferred and your payment is received we will also arrange to refund a proportionate part of your old Landlord Law membership fee if appropriate.

If possible we will make a partial refund off your last payment via the payment processor.  However, if your payment was made a while ago the payment system may not allow this.  Or you may have paid by BACS where we cannot do this.

In which case we will refund in one of the following ways:

  • Make a payment to you via pay pal (you will need to let us know your pay pal email)
  • Provide you with a Landlord Law coupon which you can offset against future purchases (if you agree to this it will be for slightly more than your refund figure).
  • Do a BACS transfer – you will need to let us have your sort code and account number and the name of the account.

Note however that we prefer to avoid payment by cheque.

If it is possible for us to do a refund via the system we will just do this and let you know.  Otherwise, we will email you and ask you which option you prefer.

For this version of Landlord Law, you sign up via the online system.  This will activate your access automatically, allows us to keep better records plus we can provide you with a downloadable pdf VAT receipt – which will be available via your My Account area.

We are asking our transfer members also to sign up to a direct debit arrangement via the GoCardless service.  This will eliminate problems we have had in the past with payments failing due to credit card changes.  Your preferential transfer rates are conditional upon this.

Should you wish to cancel your membership at any time, it is easy to cancel the GoCardless payment arrangement.

Most of the preferential rates are only available for existing members of our old site.

However, we may consider allowing you a preferential signup rate if you have been a member for at least three consecutive years in the period 2013 – 2018.

If you think you qualify, please get in touch via the green help button service giving us

  • Your name
  • The email  which was associated with your past membership and
  • The dates of your past membership.

and we will get back to you and let you know.

I am afraid not. 

Can you please cancel your standing order asap. 

As discussed above, we require all members to pay via our online system.

Any payments made via standing order will need to be refunded to you.  They cannot be used for the new Landlord Law membership.

I am afraid we will no longer invoice members.  However, you will be able to download a VAT receipt after payment which should satisfy your accounts department.

First please check your spam folder.  If the email is not there, please contact us using our green button help service and we will get back to you.

It may be that you have changed your email address and not told us, in which case your transfer email will have gone to your old email address.

No, this was not possible.  Although the document generator system, from the user’s point of view, worked in a similar way, it is in fact very different.  

So if you want to re-issue a tenancy agreement you will need to create it again on this site.  After that however, it will remain available for you to re-use in the same way as the documents on the old site were.

As the old site has ow closed, it is no longer possible to access documents on the old site.

This is no longer possible as the old site has been closed down.

You will be eligible for one of our ‘Teams’ memberships at your old rate. 

We will have already contacted you about this.  If you have lost the email please contact us via the green button help service.

Looking for the old site? It is no longer active.

It has now been closed and is no longer available.