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This is a list of all new content added to the Landlord Law site from 1 January 2021. Although note that this does not include amends to the Checklists which are frequently updated.

Content is listed chronologically with the most recent at the top:

A new letter and webinar recording


In view of recent feedback, I have now put a draft letter before action for you to use, in Stage 4 of the Rent Arrears Action Plan.

The training webinar with Dean Underwood on Rent Repayment Orders has now been uploaded and can be watched (by Business Level members) here.

A new FAQ


Can I refuse to accept applications from applicants on Universal Credit or Benefit?

A new Legal Case


D’Costa v D’Andrea & Ors [2021]

A new information page


The Government Guidance page

A new case report


Minster v. Hathaway & Hathaway.

The June Training Webinar


This was with David Cox on advertising properties online and can be found here.

New FAQ for Welsh landlords:


What are my obligations as a landlord regarding Water & Sewage (Wales)
What are landlords obligations regarding Electrical Appliances & Electrical Supply (Wales)

A new Statutory Instruments Page


A companion to the legislation page.  Find it here.

The Lockdown Learning Videos


Some more of these have now gone online:

Five reasons why ignorance of consumer law can cost you money by David Smith
Five ways the pandemic has changed possession procedures at court
Ten tips on dealing with subletting problems by David Smith
Three key developments in HMO licensing

Section 8 Notice


The amendments to the form come into force today and our document generator section 8 form (which can only be used for arrears cases) has now been updated and reinstated.

The notes on the possession notices page have also been updated.

Form and FAQ


A re-design for our Landlord Law Shop


See it here.

A new training webinar


David Smith’s webinar on notices and the Queen’s Speech May 2021

A new video & a new Quick Guide


We have added Brooke Lyne’s talk on gas safety.

We have a Quick Guide to tenancy deposits here.

A new Legislation Page


A list of all the main statutes which landlords and their agents need to be aware of.

A new FAQ


Conference 2020 recordings


The recordings of our 2020 Conference are now available for all Landlord Law Business Level members here.

Section 8 notices

As the new section 8 notice to take effect from 4 May 2021 (which refers to the ‘breathing space’ regulations) contains an error we have taken down our section 8 notices from the possession notices page.  As we do not think it will be possible to serve a valid section 8 notice (in England) until such time as this has been corrected by the Government and a new notice issued.

A quick Guide, a video & an amended form:


Two New Videos


Two new legal cases


Disabled man permitted to keep ’emotional support’ dog.


Looking at Rent Repayment Orders and the maximum award that can be made.

A new training video


A new Quick Guide


We have a new quick guide on shared properties.

A new service


A new page for Debt Assessment Services with Julie Ford.

This now has an initial case assessment instruction form, plus you can instruct Julie to advise by phone (normal telephone advice calls apply).

A new menu link


You can now access the A-Z Index page via the small AZ icon on the site header above.

A new product


Our clause for prescribed information form signatures for corporate landlords and letting agents.  Designed to resolve the issue thrown up by the Northwood Solihull v. Fearn case linked below.

Find out more here.

 New Legal Cases


Looking at section 44 of the Companies Act 2006 and signatures on prescribed information forms and possession notices.

A new training webinar recording


The recording of Julie Ford’s training webinar on Rent Arrears and How to Help Tenants is now online.

Quick Guide

Three new ‘Quick Guides’


Our ‘Quick Guides’ are a new type of content.  They are open access and summarise important elements of our content contained in the various ‘Topics’.  Along with links to some of our most important content.

Quick guides uploaded so far:

Eventually, we hope to have a ‘quick guide’ for all the topics and the special information pages.

A new FAQ


A new FAQ


A new training webinar


A new FAQ


A new page for ‘product tour’ guides


This page (which is a members-only page) has buttons which when clicked will launch tours demonstrating how to use aspects of the Landlord Law site.

We will be adding to this over time.  If you would like us to add a guide for something let us know via the messenger (there is a guide on using this on the page!)

Two new FAQ:


A new FAQ


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New Content
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