The tenancy trail

  • Do you know what type of tenancy you have?
  • Are you sure it is a tenancy at all?

Make sure by following the Landlord Law ‘Tenancy Trail’!

The tenancy trail is an interactive question and answer service which will help you find out whether or not you have a residential tenancy or a licence, and if you have a residential tenancy, what type it is.

This is essential – as until you know what tenancy type you have, you cannot know what your rights and obligations are.

After reading the initial notes, please answer the questions ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as appropriate. Eventually, you will come to an answer page which will give information about your letting. Some types of letting are not covered on this website, and if this is the case the answer will say so – and suggest other places where you can find help.

Every page has a ‘back’ button so you can re-trace your steps. There are also some links to let you jump ahead if you wish – but please follow the complete trail at least once.

The tenancy trail is open to everyone!  Use this free service to check the status of your letting – and also find out what other free or paid for services are available to you on Landlord Law.

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