Which Possession Proceedings?

Note that under the Coronavirus Act 2020 the notice period for possession notices has now been increased to three months in England and six months in Wales. In addition, the Courts have now suspended all possession claims and evictions until 23 August 2020.

Can you please visit the Coronavirus help page for more information and links to information services

No landlord wants to evict their tenants – they want tenants to stay and pay rent! However unfortunately sometimes it is necessary.

If you are looking to evict your tenant there are a number of different procedures you can use.  But which one is the most suitable for YOUR situation?

This interactive ‘which possession proceedings’ guide is an interactive question and answer ‘trail’ which will lead you to the right answer.

The Guide is available to both Landlord Law members and non-members. Please proceed as follows:

  • Answer the questions ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as appropriate
  • Make sure that you comply with all the requirements set out on some of the pages (you may need to take some action before you can proceed further)
  • You will in due course come to an answer page which will give further information about the eviction procedure appropriate for your situation
  • Every page has a ‘back’ button so you can re-trace your steps if you think you may have given a wrong answer.

To begin, please click the start button below.