The Landlord Law 2019 Conference Course

July 19, 2019

Conference CourseEvery year we have a Landlord Law Conference.  Every year the conference talks are professionally filmed.  And every year, these filmed talks are turned into our annual Conference Course.

This benefits everyone.  It allows people who were unable to attend the Conference for whatever reason (time, holiday plans, travel issues) to get the benefit of our  fabulous conference speakers.  It also helps us justify the enormous cost of putting the Conference on in the first place.

So what do we have for you this year?

The Conference Talks

There were ten talks:

  • My ‘welcome’ talk
  • The Year in Review’ – an overview of the changes over the past year, from solicitor David Smith
  • Tenancies and Utilities‘- from housing barrister Peter Marcus
  • The Tenant Fees Act‘ – an update from David Cox, the CEO of ARLA Propertymark
  • Landlords obligations for repair and fitness for habitation‘ – from housing barrister Sam Madge Wyld
  • Why Redress Matters‘ – from Sean Hooker, the Ombudsman at the Property Redress Scheme
  • Deposits, Evidence and Disputes‘ – from Suzy Hershman of My Deposits
  • Airbnb & other vacation rentals, should landlords be concerned?’ – from housing barrister Katie Gray
  • Getting Section 8 Notices Right’ – from housing barrister Robert Brown
  • Enforcement work in the Private Rented Sector‘ – from Enforcement Officer Ben Reeve Lewis
  • There was also a Q&A session which is included.

Bonus Items

We also include some bonus items – this year they are:

  • Robert Brown’s talk on getting section 21 notices right
  • David Smith’s talk on Rent to Rent

From our 2018 Conference. Plus the following Legal Basic’s online courses:

  • Common Law and Statute
  • Criminal law and Civil Law
  • Contract Law
  • Agency Law

And finally

  • Our Insurance ‘mini-course’

These are already available to Landlord Law members but then Landlord Law members get a special discount (see below).

In addition you get:

  • The Conference Handbook
  • The speaker’s powerpoints
  • MP3 audio versions of the talks
  • 5 hours CPD via multiple choice questionnairae (to be loaded up later)

Special Discounts

We always give a special discount to everyone when the Conference Course is launched – this year it is 50%.  This will end at 11.30 on Friday 26 July.

Landlord Law members get the following automatic discounts:

  • 20% for Business Level members
  • 10% for Basic Level members

So long as they are logged in at the time of purchase.

Landlord Law members can also offset their Landlord Law points and, if they have any coupons (for example  in lieu of a refund if they transferred to the new site early) these can be used also.

Note by the way that it is an online course and we have two versions – one with access for 6 months and one with access for 12 months.

So where can you find out more and buy the course?

A chance to view the Landlord law Conference talks - almost as good as being there #landlordlaw

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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