The Landlord Law CPD Service – July 2019

June 30, 2019

Sorry, the July CPD has closed now.  Here are the questions with the correct answers in red:

  • 1. In the Property Inspection Kit, we recommend that for most tenancies the starting point for inspection visit frequency should be
    • Once a week
    • Every three months
    • Every six months
    • Once a year
  • 2. If an agent takes fees or commission from third parties or suppliers which are not authorised by the terms of their agency agreement, these fees in law belong to the landlord
    • True
    • False
  • 3. If a letting agent commits a ‘data breach’ who will be held responsible for this?
    • Just the letting agent
    • Just the landlord
    • Both landlord and letting agent
  • 4. Does the landlord or the letting agent have to provide the data information notice to tenants?
    • Just the letting agent
    • Just the landlord
    • Either
  • 5. Does a landlord have to register with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) if he only holds the AST and no other data?
    • Yes in all circumstances
    • No
    • Only if he holds any information electronically
  • 6. According to the ICO can agents withhold information about tenants from their landlords under the Data Protection Legislation?
    • Yes, in all cases
    • No, never
    • Only if they have failed to tell the tenants and the referees etc that this will be done
  • 7. When doing a gas safety check landlords should not raise any other issues that they might spot, for example, a breakage or a repair issue as they should only use the gas safety inspection for gas safety issues
    • True
    • False
  • 8. When do you need to serve the governments How to Rent booklet on tenants?
    • At the start of the tenancy only
    • At the start of the tenancy and, if the booklet has changed, at the start of any replacement tenancy
    • Every time the How to Rent booklet is updated
  • 9. The How to Rent booklet can be served on tenants by email if they have agreed to this, so long as the booklet is sent to them as an email attachment
    • True
    • False
  • 10. According to Tessa’s analysis of the law as discussed in the June training video, which of the following payments are most likely to put you in breach of the Tenant Fees Act if you take them before the grant of a tenancy?
    • The holding deposit of one week’s rent
    • The permitted tenancy deposit (provided this is immediately protected in a scheme) 
    • The initial months’ rent