The Landlord Law Local Authority Directory

October 9, 2019

LA DirectoryThe Landlord Law Local Authority Directory has been around for a while but for some reason I have not written much about it.

We had a Local Authority Directory on the old site but it was very out of date, and did not really have the right information in it.  I think I did most of the work on it in about 2003 (yes, Landlord Law has been around a long time!).

This directory has been created over the past year, mainly by my assistant Bev, and is aimed to be as helpful as possible for HMO landlords.

So it includes:

  • A link to the Local Authority website
  • Whether or not they have additional and/or selective licensing
  • Their licensing charges (or a link to the information page on the LA site)
  • A link to the application form, and
  • The Local Authority contact information

Now there are over 300 Local Authorities and we have not been able to get all of this information for you.  Some Local Authorities are helpful, others less so.  Sometimes therefore the information on the pages is incomplete (sorry).

However we also have a feedback form so you can let us have any information about YOUR Local Authority which you think will be useful for members. Or if you are able to help with information which is missing.

We will normally publish it – unless it is libellous!

You will find the Local Authority Directory (if you are a logged in member) here and you will see that the entries are sorted alphabetically with a separate section for the London Boroughs.

Along with a few other links which we think you may find useful.

Please use it and let us know how you get on with it!

The Landlord Law Local Authority Directory has contact details and more - very useful if you need to apply for an HMO license #landlordlaw

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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