Part 2 of the New Course – The Property Condition

October 21, 2019

29 HazardsThe five parts of my new course are being loaded up at two week intervals.  So if you signed up to the new course before last week Part 2 will be available to you now.

For those joining later though it will be available two weeks after the day you signed up.

So what does Part 2 include?

Focusing on the property condition

Part 2 is all about the complex laws which set out a landlords legal obligations regarding the property condition.

There are a lot of them.  In the course we look at

  • The Defective Premises Act 1972
  • The disrepair covenants under s11 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985
  • The new Fitness for Human Habitation legislation
  • Tenants’ common law rights, and
  • Landlords’ obligations regarding utilities and energy performance

There are also sections on landlords access and on claims.

That all sounds a bit dry, but we liven it all up with quite a few videos and video clips.  Including a specially recorded interview with Giles Peaker on the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018.

You may remember that Giles was partly responsible for getting the act on the statute book, so he knows it very well.

We also have a mini course on the HHSRS (pictured above) which gives a brief description of each and every hazard!

The critical sections

If possible you should read all the lessons (or listen to the audio versions). 

However if you are strapped for time, you should at least watch the video with Giles and read the two lessons on access and on claims.

The section on access has some very useful letters you can use if your tenants refuse to allow you access – for example to carry out inspections or do the annual gas safety check.

The claims lessons has lots of tips on how to avoid claims – so very important.  There is also a great ‘scenario’ with ‘James the solicitor’ where he advises on your disrepair claim!

The HHSRS mini course will also be a useful resource for you to use.

Part 2 of the new course 'Managing Your Rented Property Within the Law' from #landlordlaw

If you have not bought the course yet click here.

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