The Landlord Law Virtual Conference 2021

March 19, 2021

Landlrod Law Conference As has been our wont for the past nine years or so – we are having a Conference in May!  However, because of COVID (again), it will be a virtual Conference.

But that should not be a problem!  It means that:

  • You won’t have any tedious travel
  • You get a two day Conference for the price of a one-day event, and
  • You get access to the recordings for up to three months

Which is pretty good!

So let’s take a look at what we have for you.

The future of the profession

What is happening to the PRS just now and where is it going?  Something we would all like to know!

To give us some idea, we have two special speakers who will be peering into their crystal balls –

  • Ben Beadle, CEO of the NRLA who is our headline speaker on Day 1, and
  • David Cox, Legal and Compliance Director at Rightmove and former CEO of ARLA Propertymark who will be our headline speaker on Day 2.

Ben will be looking at things from the landlords’ perspective (he is a landlord himself), and David from the perspective of letting agents.  It will be interesting to see what they have to say!

Peering into the past

As well as talks on what the future holds, we also have housing barrister and Deputy District Judge Robert Brown to review developments over the past year.

Of which there are many!  Robert will also pick up on any issues which are not covered by the rest of our talks, meaning that the conference as a whole will bring you fully up to date.

Helping you stay compliant

One of the main problems landlords and their agents have today is keeping up to date with the ever-increasing regulation – for example

  • The Electricity Regulations
  • The Gas Regulations
  • The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Regs (MEES)
  • The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (used by Local Authorities and in the new Fitness for Habitation rules), and
  • Pets and pests – what is the law on these now?

and so on.

There are also some lesser known regulations – to do with

  • Radon, asbestos and legionella (the three silent killers), and
  • The Construction (Design & Management) Regs – regarding employing workmen on site

For all these rules and regs there is really only one 100% reliable protection from penalties and fines – 100% compliance!

To help bring you up to speed on all these topics, they will all be covered in the Conference talks.  Giving you and your staff a very easy way to get up to date with the law!

There is only one way to get 100% protection from penalties and fines for breach of landlord regulations - 100% compliance! #landlordlawconf

Helping you with the money

Finally, we have two more very important talks for you.

David Smith will be talking about scams and frauds, something we all ought to watch out for.  COVID has in many ways made things easier for fraudsters, and David’s talk will give you a warning of the things you need to watch out for.  Remember – the criminals are always out to get you!

Julie Ford is an adviser whose specialism is helping tenants pay their rent (and their arrears) by a combination of checking their benefit entitlement and sourcing grant aid.  She will be discussing her methods in her talk – something which can help many landlords and their agents in these very difficult times.  It is much nicer, and cheaper, to enable a tenant to remain in their property rather than evict them for rent arrears.

Answering YOUR questions

One of the things which people tell us they valued with the live event was the ability to talk to our speakers and get their advice.  We wanted to replicate this as much as we could in our virtual event.  So:

  • All talks are 45 minutes – with an allowance of 15 minutes for questions, and
  • You will have an hours Q&A session at the end of each day – an opportunity for you to put your questions to the days speakers.  A bit like ‘Question time’ on Radio 4.

This worked very well last year and the Q&A sessions were very lively with some brilliant questions to test our speakers to the max!

About our speakers

Something not often realised about many ‘free’ events, is that their speakers pay for their speaking slot.  Naturally, having paid for the opportunity, they tend to treat their talk as a ‘pitch’ for their products.

The Landlord Law Conference has always done things differently.  We pay our speakers.

This means

  • We can choose people who we think will give a good talk rather than those prepared to pay us, and
  • The speakers treat the conference as a proper training event rather than an opportunity to pitch their product

When you attend a Landlord Law Conference you will be listening to some of the top experts in the business.  Many of our speakers are barristers and solicitors, specialising in housing law.  All of them have years of experience in their subject matters and are also experienced speakers and trainers. 

Making this a truly valuable training event for you.

What else do you get?

As usual with our Conferences, you will get

  • All the speakers’ presentations (in pdf format)
  • The Conference Handbook (again in pdf format) with all the speaker’s notes, and
  • 5 hours CPD – by multiple-choice questionnaire (which will be available after the event)

As this is a virtual event we are also providing access to the talk recordings for three months after the event.

Supporting the WWT

Last year we supported Crisis and over the course of 2020, we raised nearly £7,000 for them.   This year I wanted to do something different. 

I became very inspired by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust website while surfing the web over the Christmas holidays and decided it would be nice to support their work.

It is not directly relevant to the Private Rented Sector – but wetlands help prevent flooding, which all property owners want to avoid.  Wetlands also absorb a lot of carbon – important for our future, help save endangered species from extinction, and are lovely places to visit.  And they are important places for the birds.

So this year we will be donating 20% of our profits to the WWT.

Cost, how to book your place, and what happens next

The cost of the Conference is £250 (inclusive of VAT) which is pretty good bearing in mind the quality of the speakers and the number of talks (plus the ability to watch the recordings for the following three months).

And – if you are a landlord or agent (or indeed any relevant business) you should be able to offset the cost against your tax!

All bookings need to be made online.

Once you have booked and paid for your place you will be given access to our password-protected ‘Delegates Area’ where over the next few weeks we will be adding bonus videos and where you will watch the recordings after the event.

The live event will take place on a separate website and all delegates will be imported and sent links before the event takes place.  It is all very easy and straightforward.

I hope you will decide to join us!

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