The Landlords Letters Service

December 18, 2018
Writing letters

If you are a landlord (or agent) there will inevitably be times when you will need to write to your tenant.

Sometimes these letters will need to be quite formal and you will have to word them quite carefully.

Letter or email?

I say ‘letters’ although, in fact, you will often be sending an email (‘landlords letters’ sounds snappier!)

However, note that actually it may often be better to send a ‘proper’ letter rather than an email.

For example, for something critical (such as service of a possession notice) you may need to prove service – which is often best done by hand-delivering a letter in an envelope witnessed by an independent witness.  And hard copy letters often seem more formal which may (may!) induce your tenants to take more notice of them.

But whether an important notification is sent via email or in an actual letter – you need to be careful how you word it.

Enter the Landlord Law Landlords Letters!

The Landlord Law Landlords Letters

At the moment there are several main ‘landlords letters’ sections on the site (the links below will only work if you are a logged in member):

  • The Rent Arrears Action Plan letters – these are letters to send to your tenants if they have not paid rent and are mostly to be found in Stage 1 of the plan.
  • The possession notices covering letters – which include wording to protect your position.  These can be found here.
  • The ‘eviction kit’ letters for use if you are issuing eviction proceedings through the courts (eg covering letters for your claim forms, etc) which can be found here.
  • And our general Landlord Letters‘ page.

This last has all sorts of useful letters – for example:

  • A letter confirming an arrangement to change the rent payment date
  • A letter notifying a tenant of a change of landlord
  • Some letters to tenants who refuse access for gas inspections
  • A letter to the Benefits Office if your tenant is more than 8 weeks in arrears
  • A letter confirming a surrender agreement
  • A letter to use if a tenant has vacated leaving things behind.

The format of letters

  • Most letters are available as ‘text on the page’ which you can copy and paste into your own word processing software.
  • A few are available as pdf documents, and
  • Some are available as ‘document generator’ documents

If the letter you need is not there:

Inevitably there will be situations where we do not have a letter. 

However, if you ask in the forum we will usually either give guidance there on what you need to so or sometimes (if we think it will be useful for other members) we will do a new standard ‘landlord’s letter’.

In fact, most of the letters in the ‘Landlord’s Letters’ page came from customer feedback.

Although before requesting a letter – it is a good idea to take a look at the relevant FAQ, Articles and other content as these often have draft letters in them.  So check these out first.