The New Landlord Law Member tips

June 27, 2019

Going liveLandlord Law is a large site.  A very large site.

Unfortunately, this means that sometimes members don’t really appreciate all that we have for them.  

For example, someone who joins to get help with eviction may not realise that we have extensive documentation to help them set up their tenancy properly.

Someone who joins because they are having problems with their letting agent, may not realise that we have video training courses as part of their membership (if they join as a business level member).

And someone who joins for our tenancy agreements may not appreciate that  Tessa will answer your legal queries on the members’ forum.

So how do you find out what we have?  Well, one way is by exploring the site via the various menus and links.  Most new members spend quite a bit of time doing this and also reading the forum.

However, to provide some further help, we have set up this email series.  We call it the ‘new members tips’ but actually any member will find them helpful, even if they have been a member for some months.

About the new member tips emails

  • They (mostly) are sent out once a week
  • They contain a brief description of the week’s feature, and
  • A link to where you can find it online.

As Landlord Law is rather a large site, the tips emails series is rather a long series.  

When we had a similar series on our old site it went on for about 9 months.  So far we have about 6 months worth of tips drafted and by the time we finish it will probably be a year’s worth – or maybe more.  That’s how much content we have on Landlord Law!

Click the button below to sign up.  But note that it will only work if you are a current Landlord Law member.

New members will be signed up to the series automatically as part of the Landlord Law Welcome series.

About the Landlord Law new member tips email series - keeping you informed about all that we have on #landlordlaw

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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