Two Training Webinars for Leaseholder Landlords

August 25, 2021

Brooke Lyne

I was contacted about a month ago by one of our members enquiring about training for leaseholder landlords (ie landlords who own their property under a lease rather than as a freehold property).

It made me realise that although we do have a video course with Robert Brown for members, it is a few years old now.

So I asked housing barrister Brooke Lyne (who gave an impressive Conference talk for us earlier this year on gas safety regs)  if she would be willing to do some training for us.

She happily agreed so we now have a two-part series of training webinars in September and October 2021.

The two webinars are as follows:

1. Introduction to Reading Leases

Leases are important documents and set out leaseholders rights.  However, they are also complex and often difficult for anyone without training to read and understand.  Even trained lawyers find them difficult sometimes!

So our first webinar is on reading leases and will cover:

  • The general principles of interpretation
  • The structure of the lease – recitals, covenants and schedules
  • Demise clauses, plans and issues of interpretation
  • Qualified versus absolute covenants
  • Understanding service charge machinery

2. Leaseholder Landlords – Stuck in the Middle

This will be updating our existing material and will cover the following:

  • What are alienation covenants in my lease and why should I care?
  • Can I let my flat for short lettings?
  • Can I Iet my flat as a house in multiple occupation?
  • Repairing obligations. Who fixes what?
  • Service charge liabilities. Challenge and recoupment from tenants.

How to book your place (or watch the recording)

As with all our training webinars, this is a members-only item.  Members will be sent a registration link via email and can also register via the links on the Members Dashboard page.

If you are reading this after the talks have taken place, you can watch the recording, if you are a Landlord Law Business Level member.  All our training webinars can be found via the Training Webinars Index page.

And finally

This is a great opportunity for leaseholder landlords to learn more about their lease and the rights and obligations.

Brooke is an excellent trainer and is able to explain complex issues in a way that non-lawyers can understand.  These training sessions are highly recommended – even if you are not yourself a leaseholder landlord!

Leaseholder landlord training via #landlordlaw With housing barrister Brooke Lyne

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