Update on Local Authority HMO Licensing – August 2021

August 31, 2021

Here is the second update from my assistant Mark.  You will find the first update here.

Confirmed Licensing Changes

  • South Tyneside: Following consultation, a selective licensing scheme for South Tyneside is now in place. However, due to the covid pandemic and government restrictions the scheme has been paused (it will be opened after lockdown). Information on the scheme can be found here.
  • Harrow Council: A selective licensing scheme is now in place within Harrow. The council has given landlords 3 months ‘breathing space’ and the scheme is set to start on 2 September 2021 with applications being accepted on 2 August 2021. Information can be found here.
  • Westminster City Council: their additional licensing scheme comes into force on 30 August 2021. Information can be found here
  • Salford City Council: Since 19 July 2021, there has been an additional licensing scheme in place in Salford City. Information can be found here.
  • Bristol City Council: Since 30 June 2021, there has been an additional licensing scheme in Bristol in Eastville and St George. Information can be found here

Licensing Consultations

While the above are confirmed changes, there are also councils asking for local landlords to consult with them with the idea of additional or selective licensing schemes. These can be found here:

  • Luton council: Luton council have asked for landlords and other interested parties within the PRS to consult with two proposals. Firstly, introducing licensing of all houses in multiple occupation across the Town and all privately rented properties within South Ward. Information can be found here.
  • Haringey council: Haringey council are running a consultation considering the use of selective licensing in key areas of the ward. The deadline is 5 September 2021. The consultation form can be found here .
  • Hammersmith & Fulham London borough: H&F are currently consulting on whether to continue its selective licensing scheme that has been in place since 2017. While this consultation will decide whether to renew the scheme from 2022, the consultation deadline was the 10 August 2021. The consultation form can be found here
  • Barnet: Barnet are considering a new additional and selective licensing scheme. The deadline is the 28 October and information can be found here
  • Tower Hamlets: Tower Hamlets Council has started consulting regarding a renewal of the selective licensing scheme which is currently in operation. The deadline for the consultation is 20th November and can be found here

If there are any we have missed, let us know via the green button messenger service.

Note that various Local Authority information can be found on their entries in our members’ Local Authority Directory.

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