A year’s worth of new member tips!

December 5, 2019

New Tenant TipsIn June I started our New Members tips series of emails.  This is a series that all new members are signed up to which sends out a new ‘tip’ every week.

The ‘tips’ are mostly links to content on the site and the series is to help inform you of all that we have available.

I have finally been able to get around to completing the series and we now have 52 individual tips!  I could have done more but I decided that a years worth of tips was probably enough.

So if you stay with us a year and want to continue with the tips – I have set up a procedure for you to re-start the them, as you will probably by then have forgotten the first ones!

Or you can just leave it and get one less email from me per week.

I’m quite proud of the fact that it was so easy to find 52 items of different content to refer members to.  I may go back and add it later but at the moment, 52 tips is your lot!

If you are not currently signed up for the tips and would like this – you can sign up via the button below.  But note that it is a members only service so if you are not a member – you won’t get the tips!

A years worth of legal tips from #landlordlaw

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