The Tenant Information Form

December 6, 2019

Application formWe have had a Tenant Information Form on Landlord Law for a long time.  This form is for you to use when taking details from applicants to be tenants in your property.

It is really important that you do this carefully.  Partly to root out  people who will be bad (or even criminal) tenants and partly so you will be able to retain the deposit from your applicant if any of his or her answers prove to be incorrect.

However our form may not ask all the questions YOU want to ask.

To help with this we have now given you the word version of our form so you can adapt it for your own use.

For example:

  • Speak to your credit reference company and see what questions they will be asking.  Get your form to mirror this so you can pick up any discrepancies
  • Ask questions on any issues which you have found to be important or which are relevant to your property

If you have any questions or suggestions please put them on the forum.

You will (if you are a member) find the new Tenant Information Form Page here.

We have now given members the word version of our Tenant Information form so you can adapt it for your own use. #landlordlaw

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