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October 29, 2019

The Three Landlord LawsThis is website the third version of Landlord Law:

  • The service originally went live in November 2001
  • The second version of Landlord Law went live in December 2010
  • This version went live in December 2019

When we moved to the second site, we adopted a ‘big bang’ approach.  The domain name was switched (which actually took a couple of weeks to finalise) and everyone was added to the new site as a member at the same time.

This approach turned out to be a total nightmare.  There were issues with people’s access and it took quite a few weeks to sort it all out.  If you were a member then you will probably remember!

So when it became apparent that we would need a new website. I decided that we could not go through that again.

We would have to have a different approach.

Moving to Landlord Law 3

So what we did was to use a different domain name, – as Landlord Law Services Ltd is the name of the company which now owns Landlord Law.

This went live in November 2018 with the service going live the following month.  Since then this site has been the ‘real’ Landlord Law.  The old site was still there for people who had not yet transferred but it was not maintained.

However the vast majority of members have now transferred over and it is confusing to have the two sites active. So we are now switching the domain name here,

Changing to

My web developer Gill is today starting the process.  It will not affect your access to this site using the web address.

However the web address will probably, for a short period, go nowhere, after which it will bring you here.

The web address will then become the main web address for this site, although links to will still ‘work’.

Accessing the old site

“But what about the old site”, you may be saying.  Some of you may still have documents stored there.

Don’t worry.  The old site is still there but can only be found (once the transfer is complete) via the hosting url.  I have put links back to it from the login page and also the Transfer FAQ page here, so you can still visit it if necessary.

However the old site is becoming increasingly unstable and keeps refusing to load – so if you do still have documents there, please download them to your computer ASAP.

As we say in the FAQ, we can’t actually transfer documents over as the document generator system here is totally different.  But you will need to do a new tenancy agreement now anyway as all our templates have been changed due to the Tenant Fees rule changes in both England and Wales.  So just make sure you have kept copies.

Make sure you download and keep copies of ALL your documents on the old site.  You never know when you will need them (tenancy agreements for example should be kept for at least 6 years after the tenancy ends), and we cannot guarantee that you will  have access to the old site later.

Back to the future

I have to say, it will be really nice to have Landlord Law once again on the domain.

And if you are reading this a year or so in the future (as I write in October 2019) you will may wonder what I am writing about! 


Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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