Dutton Gregory Solicitors are the latest firm to join the Landlord Law Telephone Advice panel

October 22, 2021

Dutton GregoryOne of the services we offer, not just to members but to everyone, is our solicitors’ telephone advice service.

Hotfoot after the announcement about new Welsh panel solicitors Newbold, I am delighted to announce that Dutton Gregory solicitors have also joined our panel, meaning that you now have even more choice for solicitor advice.

About Dutton Gregory

Dutton Gregory are well known as a top specialist landlord and tenant firm, and for many years have provided telephone advice for ARLA members via the ARLA helpline.

You may also have seen them give presentations at landlord events and the annual ARLA Conference.

With the Landlord Law advice service, you only pay for the advice calls you book and the advice will be provided by a qualified solicitor.

I understand from Dutton Gregory that the calls will be shared by their head of department Gina Peters and assistant solicitor Ryan Heaven.  You can read about them both on the Dutton Gregory information page.

About the service

We now have six panel members, all top-notch landlord and tenant firms. 

So if your chosen firm is unable to advise you due to a ‘conflict of interest’ you have plenty of choice in selecting a replacement firm.

Its really easy to sign up, payment is made online before the call, and you are then re-directed to a form to complete giving details of your problem.  The solicitors will contact you within two working days to arrange the call and will deliver the advice within five working days of recept of your completed information form.

Although the solicitors will often be able to provide advice sooner if you ask for it.

Non Landlord Law members pay slightly more but get a free one months trial membership along with their advice call.  Bargain!

Not a Landlord Law member?  Find out more here.
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