IMPORTANT: in view of the coronavirus emergency the Courts will not be processing any eviction claims until after 23 August 2020.

You can in the meantime though still serve possession notices and issue proceedings - they just won't be processed until the stay period is over. New rules have now been published which must be followed and which are explained in our Eviction Guide.

Evicting tenants through the courts just got easier!

  • Do you need to evict your tenant?
  • Are you strapped for cash or
  • Have you had a bad experience with an expensive or inefficient eviction company?

“I could probably do a better job myself” you may have said to yourself.


With the Landlord Law Eviction Guide

Properties in England & Wales UK only

Save money and get it done quicker

Just two of the advantages of doing it yourself – correctly!

Remember – if you don’t use the courts you will be committing a criminal offence!

Know the 4 stages of Eviction:

Traditionally people say there are three stages to an eviction claim, but we say there are FOUR!

They are:

Stage 1: Analysis

This is critical – get it wrong and you could lose your case. You need to serve the right notice and use the right procedure.

These are the procedures available to you with the Landlord Law Eviction Guide:

Accelerated procedure

This can only be used for gaining possession of assured shorthold tenancies under section 21. However, we recommend this procedure if it is available to you, as (if your paperwork is correct) there is less that can go wrong.

Rent Arrears Claims

The notice period is shorter and you can issue during the fixed term.  However, you will have to attend court and tenants sometimes put in fictitious defences.  This is why we recommend using an advocate (see below).

Section 21 claims using the standard procedure

This can be useful if you do not have a written tenancy agreement or if you want to get a CCJ for rent arrears at the same time as your possession order.

Claims against tenants with ‘common law’ or unregulated tenancies

Not all tenants have ASTs! A few will have unregulated tenancies for example company lets. We provide guidance on two procedures you can use, based on notices to quit and forfeiture for non-payment of rent.

Our FREE Resources:

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Need more advice?

Use our telephone advice service to speak to a housing solicitor about your case.

Cost is £130 for non-members or £115 for members.

Telephone advice

Stage 2: Possession Notices

Standard forms of notice

Complete on-screen using our ‘document generator’ system so you can re-use them later. Notices are updated as necessary to take account of changes in the law.

Covering letters

Use our pre-drafted covering letters – they will protect your position, e.g. if you have served notices before or are serving two notices at the same time

Guidance on service

There is no point in serving a notice if you can’t prove this later. Tenants often claim they haven’t received the notice. Guard against this using our advice

Stage 3: Court Proceedings

Bringing your claim for possession

Follow our detailed guide when drafting up your paperwork and preparing your case. 

The eviction guide includes instructions on how to complete all the forms, guidance on court procedure and what to do at Court.


Our advocacy service (for the hearing)

What do you do if your tenant turns up and starts lying to the Judge?  Could you cope?

Court proceedings are confusing and scary if you are unfamiliar with the process.  If your case goes to a hearing, play safe and use an experienced advocate.  The normal cost is £180 (incl VAT).

Stage 4: Enforcement

The End of the  Road!

This is the last stage of the procedure. However, you can STILL be guilty of unlawful eviction if you do not use the bailiffs (or High Court Sheriffs)!

This is not always necessary as sometimes tenants move out of their own accord.

However, if your tenants need to be re-housed, you will normally need to have a bailiffs date before the local authority will do anything.

Our instructions cover the procedure and also tell you what you need to do if the tenants apply for more time.


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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Tessa, can you tell me a bit more about your credentials?

I qualified as a solicitor in 1990 and ran my own specialist landlord & tenant law firm, TJ Shepperson, for nearly 20 years. I have done a lot of evictions! I closed my law firm in 2013 to concentrate on Landlord Law and my separate training business.

Can I cancel and get a refund if decide not to proceed?

You can cancel you Landlord Law membership and get a full refund provided you let us know within 30 days of first joining. Refunds after that are at our discretion. You can also get a full refund if you notify us within 7 days of your recurring payment.

Can I use your service for properties in Scotland?

No, Scotland has a different legal system as does Northern Ireland. Nor can we help landlords elsewhere, e.g. in American or Australia (apart from ex-pat landlords). This site is only relevant for property in England & Wales UK.

Does the guidance cover all types of eviction?

It covers most standard evictions for 'short let' residential tenancies. However it cannot be used for complex and defended claims or for non residential properties such as offices or shops.

Can I email you to ask you if the Eviction service will be appropriate for my case?

One to one advice can only be provided as a paid service. However, you can use our free Which Possession Proceedings Guide.

Can you draft up my paperwork for me?

We do not provide any drafting services. You can ask questions in the members' forum though. We also have an arrangement with Landlord Action if you want to use solicitors (and they will give you £30 off your first invoice if you use our member's form).

See what some of our members have said:

Just to let you know we used your kit for the accelerated possession and it all worked out fine – and we now have our property back…….THANK YOU
Sally Keaveney
If you do not have thousands of pounds to spend on legal fees, Tessa and her kits and her site, are like that expert legal-eagle of a friend we all wish we had. Objective, reliable, friendly, and always professional, I highly recommend Tessa Shepperson and Landlord Law!
Anthony Hill
I recently represented us at court using your Kit to prepare everything. We achieved everything we wanted. Your kit was marvellous, so user friendly. I have no legal training whatsoever. So thank you so much.
Ronni O'Gara
The judge awarded the property back to us within a couple of minutes at the hearing. I'd like to say how happy we were with the results and your advice - the kit is really good value for money
Gary Webster

Our no quibble money back guarantee for all new members

If you find that Landlord Law is not for you – that’s fine! Just contact us within 30 days of joining and we will cancel your membership and refund your payments within 14 days (and usually within 5 days). We will also refund your recurring renewal payment (eg if you forgot to cancel it) so long as you let us know within 7 days of payment. Refunds to returning members and ‘teams’ are made at our discretion.

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Basic Membership:

  • Use our step by step guides for preliminary issues such as getting section 21 notices right and on tenancy deposit issues
  • Create possession notices – section 21, section 8 and (for common law tenancies) Notices to Quit, with 
  • Covering letters to protect your position, and
  • Guidance on service of notices
  • Use our form to instruct Landlord Action to bring your claim and get a £30 discount

Note that basic membership does NOT include the step by step eviction guide or any of the video training.

Business Membership

  • All the Basic Level content
  • Our detailed step by step guide for on bringing a standard claim for possession through the courts – covers completing the forms, guidance on court procedure, preparing for and attending court hearings
  • Also includes guidance on enforcement if tenants fail to leave after the possession order has been made
  • Suitable for claims based on section 21, section 8 for rent arrears, and ‘common law’ tenancy evictions based on rent or Notice to Quit
  • Use our Advocacy service to arrange for an advocate to represent you at any court hearings (normal cost is £180 per hearing)
  • Extra video training on eviction issues

Note that monthly members will not get access to the step by step Eviction Guide until month 2.

Are you still not sure?

Landlord Law is essentially a ‘do it yourself’ site for landlords and our eviction guidance is based on the premises that you will be acting in person.  However we don’t want you to join unless it is right for you.

Here are a few of the things you may be thinking, with our comments:

I’m scared of making a mistake and messing it all up

So long as you follow our guidance you should be fine.  The main problems occur when landlords make mistakes which is when cases become expensive and time-consuming. Our guide has been used by hundreds of landlords like you and as long as you are careful you should not have any problems.

My tenants are too clever and devious

The eviction procedure is formulaic – provided (and this is essential) you get the formula right, your tenant will, in most cases, not be able to defeat your claim.

If you have any problems you can ask questions in the forum – and we are clever and devious too!

My tenants keep telling me that they are going to pay soon

Well, they would, wouldn’t they, if it’s going to stop you evicting them! And do you really want them as tenants any more, anyway? Non-paying tenants are serious bad news. After all, you presumably still have YOUR outgoings to pay??

I may do this but I’m not sure I want to do it now

Fair enough, but do remember that it can take up to six months or more to get a possession order through the courts. If they are not paying rent, you could lose a lot of money.

Are you happy for your tenants to live in your property rent free? Because in our experience landlords rarely recover the unpaid rent ….


"I became a subscriber of Landlord Law/Tessa Shepperson when my tenant went into arrears. The tenant arrears and eviction kits really helped me to understand what I should not do, what I needed to do and in what order and the document templates were really important in getting me started in the right way.

I could not have managed without this clear step by step process. It really did clear away the fog. It truly turned a daunting prospect into a manageable task.

But importantly I learned a lot more about being a landlord and the law during this whole process."

Deryn Gray

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