Government Guidance Page

Thank you for agreeing to be one of our speakers!

Before the Event

We will need the following from you:

  • Your PowerPoint (for your talk) and
  • We will need to do a test with you to familarise you with the webinar software (which is with a company called Big Marker)
  • We have some more detailed notes on the Big Marker webinar system and how it works here which please read.

We will also need you to check your entries on the event sales page to make sure your details, bio etc are correct.

Viewing as a delegate

Unless you would rather we didn’t – we will add you to the Event as a delegate so you can watch the rest of the talks.

We will let you know when this has been done.  You should then get some emails from the Event site (which is run by a company called Hey Summit) asking you to book on the talks.  If you do not get this let us known. You will be able to recognise the emails as they are a pinky colour.

There is guidance on using the Conference system as a delegate here.

Your talk – before the event

We will set up your talk with the Hey Summit and Big Marker software and you should get two emails:

  • One 24 hours before your talk and
  • One 60 minutes before your talk

These will contain a link you can use to log into the Big Marker system where you will deliver your talk.

IMPORTANT – if you do not see these emails in your inbox, please check your spam.  If you can’t find them there – let us know.  We can then send your speakers login link another way.

But you must tell us if you don’t get it!

On the day

Assuming you have your email with your login link – please can you log into the speakers area of the webinar at least 15 minutes before your talk is due to start.

Even if you think you know the system well, please do not log in later than this as it is not unknown for problems to crop up at the last minute,

I (Tessa) will be attending on all the talks so I will not be able go log in before then.  But when I log in I would hope to find you there.

There are 15 minutes between talks so we will need that time to make sure your PowerPoint is loaded up and that your audio works properly.

But I need to have you there well in  advance to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Doing the talk

The webinar will start and end automatically (although I prefer to end the talks manually if I can – it looks better than being cut off mid sentence!).

The talks are all (apart from the opening talk) 45 minutes long.  This is allowing 30 minutes for your talk and 15 minutes for questions.

I will ask the questions and, subject to what we have agreed, I may ask these during your talk or wait and ask them only at the end.

After the talk is over

The recording will process and then should load up to the talk page on the Hey Summit site automatically as a ‘replay’.

Note that there is a discussion area below the replay videos so you may want to check back there, at least during the event, and answer any questions you may find there.

And that’s it!

Thank you.