Landlord Law Rent to Rent Day 2020
Rent to Rent


  • Are you considering Rent to Rent letting?
  • Are you already a Rent to Rent landlord?
  • Are you a Rent to Rent landlord experiencing big problems?

Get the real low down on what 'rent to rent' really means with this special event on

The 4th November 2020

David Smith explains the key features of the day

The Rent to Rent Dream:

‘Rent to rent’ is often sold as a fantastic model for would-be landlords who are not in a position to buy their own property:

Why waste money buying your own property‘ the ‘rent to rent’ property Guru’s tell you, “when you can earn good money as a landlord using someone else’s property?

Rent to rent is also often a dream sold to property owners:

‘Why spend all that time managing your property when we can deal with all the hassle for you and pay you a regular rent’ you may be told.  ‘All  you have to do is lie back and enjoy the money!’

In some cases ‘rent to rent’ arrangements can work well.  Sometimes. 

But beware – if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!  There are many, many horror stories of people who have been caught out and lost thousands of pounds by following the ‘rent to rent’ dream.

After attending this event you will

  • Learn the real facts
  • Know what you need to do to get it right
  • The regulations you will need to comply with, and
  • Be aware of potential problems

Why the Landlord Law Rent to Rent day is different

The speakers at this event are not property investors.

They are solicitors.

They are not looking to persuade you to invest money in investment schemes.

They want you to understand the law and the legal obligations that apply to all landlords, and in particular 'rent to rent' landlords, so you avoid making expensive mistakes.  They want you to get it right.

They are professional people regulated by the solicitors regulation authority

You can trust what they say.

Option to purchase a special rent to rent agreement

One of the most important elements of a successful ‘rent to rent’ arrangement is having a properly drafted tenancy agreement.

As part of this course, David Smith has drafted up a special ‘rent to rent’ agreement which will be available for you to buy.  Either as part of the event fee (which is the cheaper option) or, if you have purchased the ‘event only’ option, you can buy it later via the delegates page.

The agreement is:

  • Suitable for most rent to rent situations
  • Clearly sets out the responsibilities of both parties
  • Does not particuarly favour either party to the relationship
  • Deals with obligations to repair, property licences and many of the things being talked about during the day

The agreement will be made available (to purchasers) on 4th November.

The Speakers

David Smith

David Smith

David is a solicitor and partner at JMW Solicitors. He is well known as an expert on landlord & tenant law and is well versed with rent to rent problems, having helped many distraught landlords.

Neli Borisova

Neli Borisova

Neli is a solicitor at JMW Solicitors and works closely with David helping landlords with landlord & tenant law and 'rent to rent' issues.

Tessa Shepperson

Tessa Shepperson

Tessa is a solicitor and the owner of the Landlord Law service. She is a specialist landlord & tenant lawyer and will be your host for the day.

The Progam - 4th November 2020

  • 10.00 am: What is rent to rent?

    Speaker: David Smith

    Differences from agency
    Who is involved?
    Upstream relationships
    Downstream relationships
    Legal status of parties
    Additional work
    Your questions

  • 11.0 am: Break

  • 11.15 am: Property Owners

    Speaker: Neli Borisova

    Who are you dealing with?
    Financial status
    End of tenancy
    Sub-letting terms
    Your questions

  • 12.15 am Break

  • 12.30 pm JMW

    Find out more about David and Neli's firm and what they can offer you

  • 01.00 pm Landlord Law

    Find out more about Tessa's online service Landlord Law and how it can help rent to rent landlords.

  • 01.30 pm: Lunchbreak

    A chance to grab a bit to eat and maybe go out for a bit of fresh air!

  • 02.00 pm: Rent to Renters

    Speaker: David Smith

    Who are you marketing to?
    What market is there and where is it?
    What sort of property do you want?
    Proper agreement
    Legal rights
    Regulatory responsibilities
    Ethical business
    Your questions

  • 03.00 pm: Break

  • 03.15 pm: Problems

    Speaker: David Smith

    Upstream contracts
    Downstream contracts
    Ensuring payment
    Tenancy or licence
    Regulatory intervention
    Your questions

  • 04.15 pm: Break

  • 04.30 pm: Q&A

    With David Smith and Neli Borisova

    A chance to put YOUR questions to David and Neli

  • 05.00 pm: Ends

About this online event:

You will watch the ‘Rent to Rent Day’ live talks via our special software (provided by a company called Hey Summit).  You will be imported into this special site shortly before 4 November.

There is also a separate password-protected Rent to Rent Day information page where you will find:

  • Details about the day and the speakers
  • The speakers’ presentation (which will be loaded up on the day for you)
  • Some ‘bonus’ content
  • After the event has taken place, recordings of all the talks will be copied here so you can access them easily

You will be able to access the Rent to Rent Information Page for three months – until 3 February 2021.  Giving you plenty of time to watch and re-watch the training videos.

Mobile friendly websites

Both the event website and the Rent to Rent day page (which will be hosted on Landlord Law) are mobile responsive.  

So you will be able to access them on your smartphone as well as your desktop, laptop and tablet devices. 

However, note that the documents and presentations will not display properly on a smartphone so you will need to use ideally a laptop or desktop computer to use them.

Be aware that this event and the supporting documentation are wholly electronic. Nothing is sent out by post.

Your Questions Answered:

If I find that I can't attend - can I cancel?

A: If you can't attend - be aware that all talks will be recorded so you can watch them later. But if you want to cancel you can do this and get a full refund provided you notify us within 30 days of payment. Subject to any statutory rights you may have, requests for cancellation after 30 days will be granted at our discretion and subject to our admin fee of £15. However, no refunds will be paid for cancellations on or after 4 November 2020.

How do I get access to the event and the event material?

A: You should get immediate access to the Rent to Rent Day Information page. After purchase, you will be re-directed to a thank you page which will contain a link to the page. All delegates will be imported into the event website (where you watch the live talks) shortly before 4 November.

What if I can’t access the event or if the software doesn't work on my computer?

A: It should do, we have used this software before and almost everyone has been able to access the websites without problem. However if you do experience problems in accessing the event website, note that all the talks will be recorded so you will be able to watch them later. Or if you prefer we can refund your payment. However note that no refunds will be paid after the event has taken place.

How long do I get access?

A: You will get access to the course material until 3 February 2021.

I am based in  Wales, is this event suitable for me?

A: This event course is aimed more at an English audience but much of it will be relevant for you.

 I am based in Scotland, is the event suitable for me?

A: No,  Scotland has a different legal system, as does Northern Ireland.  This event is only really suitable for landlords and agents managing property in England (and maybe Wales)  UK and for their advisers.

I am a Landlord Law member – is this event included in my membership?

A: No.  However, all Landlord Law 'Business Level' members will get an automatic discount of 10% provided you are logged in at the time of purchase

I am an NRLA member - how do I log in to book my place?

A: This is not an NRLA event so you cannot use your NRLA login. However if you have previously bought one of our Landlord Law events you should log in before booking. Your username will be the email used for purchase. You can get a new password via the 'lost your password' link on the login page.

Does this event include CPD?

A: No.  However, if you require CPD your accreditation body may accept your attendance on the day against your CPD.  Note however that we do not provide CPD certificates.

Can I ask questions?

A: If you attend the live event, you will be able to ask the speakers questions plus there is a separate Q&A session at the end of the day

I prefer not to pay online – can I pay by BACS or cheque?

A: No.  We only accept payment via our online system.  However, you can elect to pay by either credit / debit card or PayPal.

If I get the version without the agreement can I upgrade later?

A: No, but the agreement will be available to purchase on the Rent to Rent Delegates page at the slightly higher price of £360 (including VAT).

How to book and pay for your place at the Rent to Rent Day

Note – all links will open in a new tab or window.

There are two purchase options for you:

Event only – £120 (£100 + VAT)

This includes

  • Access to the Event website (you will be imported into the site shortly before 4 November) so you can watch the live talks
  • Access to the Rent to Rent Day page – where you will find:
    • Guidance notes on accessing the Event website
    • Pdf versions of the speakers’ presentations (which will be made available on 4 November)
    • Some bonus material
    • After 4 November, recordings of the talks will be uploaded here
  • Access to the Rent to Rent Day page will last until 3 February 2021

Event + Agreement – £420 (£350 + VAT)

This includes all the event only benefits plus

  • The special ‘Rent to Rent’ tenancy agreement and
  • Notes on its use

The Rent to Rent agreement will be made available on 4 November 2020.


  • Landlord Law Business Level members will get an automatic discount of 10% off the price (Not a member?  Find out about membership here).
  • All Landlord Law members can offset their points against the cost of this event  find out about this here 
  • If you have been given a coupon – you add this in one of the coupon fields during the purchase process.  Note that only one coupon can be used per purchase.

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The Rent to Rent Day will take place on 4th November 2020

Please now select one of the options below:

Feedback from delegates at our other events:

Feedback from our HMO Day:

"Great speakers, very articulate and succinct, relevant content. Very well organised."
Glenn Hutchinson
"Relevant and credible subject matter experts - well balanced between the key HMO dimensions of poachers and gamekeepers."
Company Let
"Landlord Law HMO training day has been an excellent opportunity to hear from a range of experts in this specialist field. The detailed information was delivered in a very clear and concise manner and questions readily discussed. I would recommend this course to everyone involved with HMO properties."
London house

Feedback from our Virtual Conference:

"As we live in N Devon this was an ideal way for us both to enjoy a conference albeit a virtual one without the need for major arrangements here at home. Very good value, a real no brainer. Has been so enjoyable, relaxing, and, of course, such good value, and has been useful to visit parts later on."
"I was dubious about taking part in a virtual conference beforehand but I really enjoyed it and found I concentrated much better in the comfort of my own home. The content and subject matter were spot on for our business and all the speakers were very good."
Ann Eckert
Property Manager