Which possession proceedings?

The first thing to do is to follow the Tenancy Trail and work out what type of tenancy you have. Most tenancies will be assured shortholds, but not all (if you know for sure what your tenancy type is you can skip the tenancy trail).

If your tenancy is for a type not covered by this website we will not be able to help you*.  This will include:

  • commercial tenancies (eg shops and offices)
  • Local authority housing
  • Other registered social housing

* Although you will be able to get advice from a solicitor via our  telephone advice service.


If you are a lodger landlord (ie if you live in the same building and share living accommodation), then you should leave this trail, and read the information on our  Lodger Landlord website.  There is a procedure you can follow set out on day 20 of the  21 days of tips (but read the other tips first).