Which possession proceedings?

Possession proceedings against licensees

Landlord Law deals with tenancies rather than licenses and claims against licensees, which uses a different court procedure than that used for tenants, are not included in our Do it Yourself Eviction Guide.

The first stage in evicting a licensee is normally serving an old style Notice to Quit.  However, before taking any action we recommend that you check to make sure that it really is a residential license.

Many ‘so-called’ license agreements are in fact tenancies.  Before proceedings can start therefore you need to check this out, otherwise you risk your claim being thrown out by the Court and being ordered to pay your tenant’s legal costs.

If you have followed the  tenancy trail but are still not sure you should use our  telephone advice service and speak to one of the solicitors at Anthony Gold.

If your agreements are residential licenses, then we recommend the service provided by  Landlord Action.